Welcome to Cyberjam @ CypherCon 2024: Capture The FlagCat vs Dog

📛The game rule📛

Participants choose to join either Dog or Cat team.

Your mission is to mint a Flag nft from each Flag contract.

If you collect all 5 nfts, then your main animal NFT will be updated to be a cooler one. 😎 And get our cute badges.!

We offered a free beer for winners at our unofficial after-party at a brewery🍻 in downtown.

Sign up afterparty!


1. Do you have a crypto wallet to connect to web?

If no, install Metamask!

2.Access from mobile?

If yes, then please open this website from Metamask In-app Browser.

3. Register your codename and team

go to Flag page, fill in registerAndMintNFT() function, and send tx.

clue for registration is hidden on event page here

4.get Flag contract address

At Flag page, getGameAddress returns an array of Flag contract addresses.

Try to call the function with 0 at first.